Renewal of the certificate by providing proof of further training credit points



Passive House Designers/Consultants who do not work in planning offices often contribute to the dissemination and implementation of the Passive House Standard to a great extent through their work as researchers or instructors, or as decision makers in government authorities. In the absence of a Passive House project which has been planned on their own responsibility, renewal of the certificate through project documentation is often not possible for this group of people.

For all those persons who are unable to renew their certificate through project documentation for a certified building, there is the possibility of renewing the certificate by providing proof of further training credit points.

Because involvement in Passive House related themes proved in this way is theoretical in nature, the title Passive House Consultant will be granted for this type of renewal; however, this can be changed into a Passive House Designer certificate again at any time by submitting documentation for a certified building (provided that this had been attained originally).



Renewal of the certificate

Qualification by continuing education credit points can only be used to renew a certificate. Credit points can be acquired by participating in relevant Passive House continuing education events or by relevant Passive House teaching activities.
Further information can be found in the exam regulations.

Suitable continuing education measures can be found on the list of approved courses/events. If you can’t find a specific course or event on this list, please contact the host. He may submit their courses/events (also backdated) to the PHI to be recognized as suitable for the renewal.

For renewal, it is necessary to provide proof of 100 CPs which must have been acquired within the validity period of the previous certificate i.e. 5 years.
One learning unit (45 minutes) equates to 1 CP. 70 of the 100 CPs at the most may be acquired in one of three possible areas, please see chapter 5.2.1 of the exam regulation.

Renewal through credit points can only take place through the PHI. Please submit:

1.    Appendix II b (Application - renewal through credit points). Please fill in the respective event ID number which can be found on the list of approved courses/events.
2.    The respective confirmations of participation

The submitted documents will be checked by the PHI. After successful renewal of the certificate, the PHI will send you the certificate and the respective seal in digital form via e-mail. In addition, the contact data of the certified designer/consultant will remain on this website if desired.

The renewal through credit points is subject to a fee.

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