Inclusion of additional qualifications on this website



Profit from your own commitment!

Have you already built several Passive House buildings? Are you a Passive House instructor? Did you participate in Passive House events to specialise in a particular building type? Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants can now have their additional qualifications included in this database! In this way, the varied work of Passive House experts worldwide can be presented clearly and transparently, making for effective advertising.


Additional qualifications entered here can also later be used as a basis for renewal through project documentation or further training credit points, provided that these correspond with the relevant criteria for renewal.



Inclusion of additional qualifications

These additional qualifications can be entered:


Inclusion of additional qualifications can only be done through the PHI. Please fill in the application form.


If you cannot find the desired training measures in this list, please contact the training organiser. His courses and events can be recognised by the PHI as suitable for renewal of a certificate or for inclusion as additional qualifications. The inclusion of additional qualifications is subject to a fee, charged by the PHI for provided services (checking of submitted documents and inclusion of the additional qualifications on this website). Further information can be found in the Examination Regulations.

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