Renewal of the certificate


You can renew your certificate for 5 years as often as desired, by either:

Please note: Renewal cannot take place by means of a written examination, even when the previous certificate has already expired.


After successfully completing the renewal procedure, you will receive the corresponding certificate and seal, which may be used for acquisition and advertising purposes (for personal use only). Your contact data will be published for another 5 years on this website - if so desired. If the certificate is not renewed, the publication on the website will be deactivated and deleted 6 months later.



Qualification through project documentation can take place through PHI accredited assessment bodies. Renewal by means of continuing education credit points is only possible through the PHI. Assessment bodies will send the project documentation to the PHI after the first review. Issue of the certificate will take place after the second checking by the PHI. Certificate renewal is subject to a fee.



Title after renewal through further training credit points

In the course of a renewal, it can happen that building certification did not take place (i.e. there was no independent checking of the planning in accordance with PHI specifications) for the Passive House building for which you wish to submit project documentation. However, this is absolutely essential as it forms the basis for assessment of the qualification and the resulting renewal of the Designer certificate.

For all those who are unable to renew the certificate through project documentation for a certified building, there is the possibility of renewing the certificate by providing proof of further training credit points. If an individual chooses to renew theit certificate in this way, the Consultant title will be granted because the Passive House related themes studied are theoretical in nature. However, this can be changed into a Passive House Designer certificate again at any time by submitting documentation for a certified building (provided that this had been attained originally).

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