How to become an accredited course/exam provider?


Many thanks for your interest in spreading the knowledge about Passive Houses! To become a course/exam provider and be allowed to use the course material developed by the PHI, you have to fill in and sign the application for accreditation as an examination provider (we also need the signature of every instructor of the course) and then send it to us by post or e-mail.

Once we have received the completed application, we will decide whether an applying institution is fit to become a course/exam provider. There are no special criteria but substantiated knowledge about Passive House buildings is important as well as sufficient experience in adult education (with regards to the instructors who will be holding the lectures). If the application is accepted, we will send you the corresponding contracts. There is one contract to become a course/exam provider and one for the right to use the course material (see below).


Train-the-Trainer workshops are offered by the PHI usually in the framework of the international Passive House conferences. They include expert discussions, detailed information about course materials and exam procedure, teaching techniques and tips and tricks for the Passive House training. This course is not mandatory for all instructors of a training institution but we expect our partners to inform themselves at the yearly conferences as often as possible and stay in close contact to other Passive House stakeholdes. Of course we also want to get in contact with our partners and would like to welcome you at the train-the-trainer course before or soon after the accreditation as a course provider.

Please contact us if you are interested.


Course material

You can use your own material for the preparatory courses or the course material developed by the PHI in 2016 including topics such as refurbishment, non-residential buildings and different climate zones. Additional the Passive House Institute has developed further course material e.g. for the deeper training of how to use the PHPP.


Both are available in different languages (or are in the process of translation). Please contact us if you want to acquire the right to use the course material in your language. Qualified course/exam providers can also be given the right to translate the course material.


Fee schedules for acquiring the right to use the course material and some sample slides are available in the download area. Please also refer to the examination regulations and the learning targets.

Please note - You will only receive the right to use the course material (also the translated course material) when you offer the final certification examination from the PHI. Therefore you have to be a PHI accredited course/exam provider. There is no fee for the bare accreditation. Fees arise when hosting an examination.



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