PHPP and designPH Workshops


Design and optimize energy-efficient buildings with PHPP & designPH!

Join us for 5 days of workshops on PHPP_Basics, designPH, PHPP_Advanced and Thermal Bridges. Each workshop is individually bookable. This course is aimed at all building professionals. All you need is a good level of English (B2 or equivalent), basic knowledge of energy efficiency in buildings or the Passive House concept, as well as the ability to use Microsoft® Excel. You can also learn more about the  Passive House concept by taking our e-learning course.

Interested to become one of the first "PHPP Experts" certified by PHI?

You are already a certified Passive House designer/consultant or you are planing to attend the upcoming designer course? - Then you are in the best position to also get the new additional "PHPP Expert" certificate by booking the additional 3 days of workshop on 3D Data Models for PHPP, PHPP_Advanced and Thermal Bridges and the added PHPP Expert exam. Further more a PHPP homework is required for admission to examination (PHPP_Basics is part of the Designer Course, so Passive House designers do not have to do this once more)


Darmstadt: 12-16.11.2018


PHPP_Basics| 12-13 November 2018

This 2-day workshop provides basic knowledge of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), the energy balancing and planning tool for efficient buildings and refurbishments. It is also available as part of the Passive House Designer course.

• Energy balancing with PHPP
• Input of areas and windows
• Input of shading factors
• Input of the ventilation strategy
• Input of summer ventilation or cooling
• Inputs of domestic hot water supply,
  electricity consumption & heating
• PER factors & Passive House classes


3D Data Models for PHPP | 14 November 2018

Are you already familiar with PHPP? Then come and explore the advantages of designPH, the SketchUp based plugin to model Passive House buildings in 3D and get to know our new export tool from BIM models to PHPP!

• How does designPH work?
• Input/analysis of a building model
• Optimization of relevant features
•  Special building types: different
• How does the BIM-tool work



PHPP_Advanced | 15 November 2018

Discover the new sheets of PHPP 9 and gain knowledge of PHPP features for advanced users.

Thermal Bridges | 16 November 2018

Our new workshop day! Learn more about thermal bridges.

• Thermal bridge concept
• get a feeling for the psi value
• Typical thermal bridges in buildings
• Requirements for building certification






These courses are eligible for DENA further education points. More information at registration.


When 12 – 16 November 2018, 9:00 - 17:30
Location Passive House Institute
Rheinstraße 44/46
64283 Darmstadt, Germany

Contact +49 6151 826990



Workshop packages
(VAT 19% included)
Standard Fee
Full package (5 days)
          1230 €
PHPP_Basics + designPH (3 days)           750 €
PHPP_Basics + PHPP_Advanced (3 days)           750 €
designPH + PHPP_Advanced (2 days)           600 €

Or just one workshop
(VAT 19% included)

PHPP_Basics (2 days)           480 €
designPH (1 day)           330 €
PHPP_Advanced (1 day)           330 €
Thermal Bridges (1 day)           330 €
PHPP-Expert exam (07.12.2018)           200 €


iPHA members receive a 30€ discount per workshop. Students receive a discount of 50% on workshop days.


Darmstadt: 12-16.11.2018 |


The highest discount will be granted upon proof of your iPHA-membership or student status. Prices include training material and catering.

For regular work with PHPP and designPH, a PHPP license must be purchased separately. Participants of this workshop, that do not have a license yet, can purchase this for a reduced workshop price here (Please enter your attendance in the workshop under "remarks")



Cancellation Terms
If the participant cancels the course up to three weeks before the course starts, a processing fee of 15% of the course fee will be charged. In case of later cancellation, a fee of 50% of the course fee will be charged. Cancellation or termination after the start of the course can no longer be considered. The same applies in the event of non-appearance without prior cancellation.

Cancellation of the course by the PHI: Should the course be cancelled for an important reason (e.g. illness of the course instructor or insufficient number of participants), the course fee will be refunded in full.


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